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eCommerce &

Online Payments

Don’t over-complicate eCommerce. We offer simple and secure gateway setup, quick cart integration, and the lowest payment processing rates in the industry.


Yeah, we work with that.

WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WordPress are just a few of the CMS, shopping carts, and ecommerce platforms we support. Most cart integrations take just a few minutes to set up or switch over.

Learn more??


A single merchant account for retail, ecommerce, and MOTO, means your customers can buy from your online store, in-person, or over the phone, and you don’t have waste time trying to reconcile a patchwork of merchant accounts.?


No Developer? No Problem.

We have options that make accepting online payments easy.


The all new BLUEDOG.app is an omni-channel small business suite that is perfect for any merchant who wants to centrally manage transactions, quotes, invoices, recurring transactions, expenses, inventory and customer records all in one place.?

Hosted Payment Pages

Hosted Payments make it easy to create secure “Buy Now” buttons, set product variables, pricing, shipping costs, customize checkout pages, and send checkout links directly to customers.

Request an instant invite
& set up your account right away.

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Payment Tokenizer

Tokenized payments are a rare trifecta: highly secure, cost-effective, and very convenient for both developers and shoppers.

Our tokenizer provides pre-built UI components that make it easy to create a frictionless checkout experience on both desktop, and mobile.

With just a few lines of code you get:

  • Real-time Validation
  • Autofill
  • Formatting & Masking
  • Reduce PCI!
  • Web Fonts Support
  • Payment Request API
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Input Masking
  • Fully Customizable Styles
  • Responsive Layout
  • Customer Vault Supported


Looking for a custom solution for your SaaS product or software suite?

We’ve got you covered.
Take a look at our SDK and developer sandbox.

Benefits of BLUEDOG

Exceptional Rates???|??Dedicated Account Management???|??Developer-Friendly Integration

CommonAssets - NoObligation

All Plans Include

? No IRS Reporting Fee

? Free Next-Day Funding

? 24/7 Merchant Support

CommonAssets - CCPayment-Interchange


Interchange, also known as pass-through or wholesale, is often the lowest cost option for high-volume businesses.

CommonAssets - CCPayment-CashDiscount

Cash Discount

Reduce the cost of doing business & pass credit card processing fees on to your customers with a cash discount program.

CommonAssets - CCPayment-FlatRate


Flat-rate pricing keeps it simple. Our program allows you to accept credit cards at a lower rate than PayPal, Square, Stripe.

CommonAssets - CCPayment-HighRisk


We understand that every business is different. Don’t let being “high-risk” cost you thousands in credit card processing.?

Still have questions?

We’re here to help.

Phone: (888) 565-4364

Chat Live: ??

Or fill out our form and we’ll be in touch.

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